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    Geriostim Aqua Pen 16iu

    Active substance: Recombinant Human Grown Hormone (rDNA Origin) USP
    Manufacturer: Thaiger Pharma
    Unit: 1x 16IU with Pen

    215.00 USD

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    IMPORTANT: In order to use HGH you will also need BAC WATER and insulin syringes which can be ordered separately.

    Check these links:

    Insulin syringes: https://www.gbnstore.net/syringes-and-needles-345/buy-1ml-insulin-syringe-4464.html

    Bac water: https://www.gbnstore.net/buy-growth-hormone-online-340/sp-bacteriostatic-water-36131.html


    Mix HGH with Bac Water.

    Mixing radtio HGH with BAC water: use 1ml of bac water per 10iu vial of hgh.

    How many lines on a insulin needle to equal 1iu?

    For DragonTropin if you use 1ml of water with the 10iu of GH then 1 tick mark on the pin will equal 1iu.

    What is normal HGH dosage?

    4iu/day for men

    2iu/day for women

    What is normal HGH cycle length?

    3 months

    How to keep HGH I already mixed with bac water?

    Keep it in the fridge, it is good up to 14 days.

    Can I use HGH during PCT?

    Yes, HGH can be used during PCT. Actually it will help slow down the catabolic state the body will be in after steroid cycle due to low testosterone levels and help keep gains made while on cycle.

    Can I stack HGH with Steroids?


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    • May 2, 2018 (07:12) what kind of discount will I get if I order 10?
    • Mar 19, 2018 (07:19) Worked great for us. 10x gbnn
    • Mar 6, 2018 (07:36) best one
    • Feb 24, 2018 (10:46) I want more info on this as well, I've read that for good results HGH must be used at least for 3-4 months at 4iu/day.
    • Feb 20, 2018 (16:05) would like to inquire about this product, what is the dosage like with this product, how many dosages do you get per item purchased, cycle information, etc.

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