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    Genotropin Go Quick 16 IU (5,3MG)

    Manufacturer: Pfizer, Turkey
    Substance: Human Growth Hormone
    Pack: 1 injection pen of 16iu

    212.10 USD


    A Three Step Guide to success:

    1) Read the instructions pages 26 through 33 thoroughly first
    2) Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy6IgkosdRI
    3) Watch another video in English: https://vimeo.com/89640470
    3) REREAD the instructions on pages 26 through 33.

    Rookie mistake number 1: Mixed the chamber without attaching the needle first. Result is to compress the air in the chamber –that's right, pressure.
    Rookie mistake number 2: Had the pen on its side while inserting the needle –you guessed it, pressure expels the liquid.

    I quickly up righted the needle preventing a complete disaster. This is where I stopped and REREAD the instructions.

    Rookie mistake number 3: I started playing with the gray dial before I was finished with the black dial. Once you start turning the gray dial you can't reset the black one –or turn back the gray one.

    Here is where I stopped and reread the instructions.

    Rookie mistake number 4: I did not wait a full 5 seconds during injection. When pulling out the needle a few drops of liquid still were coming out. I suspect there is not nearly as much pressure behind the plunger as I use when using a syringe. I would recommend waiting as much as 10 seconds before pulling the needle out.

    Questions I frequently asked myself:

    Can you remove the cartridge? NO
    What needles can I use? BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles.
    How many mg is an IU? 12 mg / 36 IU's = .33 mg per IU



  • Reviews

    • Nov 1, 2023 (10:55) Good ready to use hgh.
    • Jun 24, 2021 (03:56) is it better than kalpatropin, dragontropin and any of those similar brands?
    • Jul 28, 2020 (12:07) this is one pen of 16iu so is that only four doses?? im confused
    • Feb 24, 2018 (10:49) thank you for detailed info, when you will have more of this or shall I try Kalpatropin?
    • Oct 12, 2014 (18:16) I know the question has been asked but I cannot see the response.

      How many units per week?
      Do I have to stack or can I use this alone? My goal is bulking, just starting out.
    • Feb 24, 2014 (16:51) how many units of this do u use a week ? and does it stack good with and anabolic roids?
    • Jan 30, 2014 (11:35) hello again HugeTom,
      I was thinking of using Genotropin 16iu (5.3mg), this will be my first time taking this product.. How would I go about using it? I will be stacking it with cypionate250, anapolon50, and 10 amps of Testoxyl Suspension 100. Your knowledge would be very helpful. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks again.. Benny
    • Dec 12, 2013 (22:58) how would you use this and what would be the dosages for it?

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