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    Humatrope 18iu

    Manufacturer: Lilly, Turkey
    Substance: Human Growth Hormone
    Pack: 1 injection cartridge of 18iu

    200.00 USD


    Buy Humatrope 18iu

    Basic HGH Usage Information: https://www.gbnstore.net/articles-basic-hgh-usage-information-8153.html

  • Reviews

    • Jun 24, 2021 (03:50) Does Lilly include injection pen or no? I'd rather buy in vials and just get insulin syringes, looks like cheaper option, isnt it?
    • Oct 17, 2020 (22:20) There is no injection pen with this. Where do I find that and why don’t you sell with cartridges. I bought 10 & had no idea

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