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    Test Prop + Winstrol Cutting Stack

    10 weeks summer cycle. Start this cycle in April or May.

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    10 weeks summer cycle.


    10 weeks summer cycle made of testosterone propionate and oral winstrol

    WEEKS 1-10 : Testosterone Propionate 100mg Every Other Day (100mg =1ml)

    WEEKS 5-10 :  Winstrol tabs 40-50mg Every Day  

    PCT and Syringes included.

    Diet and training plays important roles here so do not neglect these two moments.

    During these 10 weeks we recommend switching to a special workout regimen.

    For our customers we will send it for free. Contact us after order is paid.

    2ml syringes with needles
    clomid (fertomid)
    test prop
    winstrol tabs

  • Reviews

    • Jun 23, 2020 (21:54) When will this be back in stock
    • Apr 30, 2018 (16:30) Please send me the work- out recommended.
    • Mar 28, 2018 (16:08) When will it be back in stock?
    • Mar 28, 2018 (16:07) Do you have this in stock?
    • Jan 22, 2018 (11:06) I used this last summer, worked great, thank guys.

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