Kalpatropin 100iu Kalpatropin 100iu
Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Kalpatropin 100iu

Name: Kalpatropin 100 iu
Substance: Human Growth Hormone
Brand: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10 vials
Strength: 10 iu/vial
Total: 100iu

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Kalpatropin 100iu Detailed

Buy Kalpatropin 100iu by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Kalpatropin 100iu is a new Human Growth Hormone product for quality muscles building.It comes as 100iu in total but divided into 10vials @10iu/vial! If you are new do not start with this product.

The Kalpatropin 100iu  from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals comes in powder form and must be mixed BEFORE USAGE. 

HGH is considered to help with joints, muscle building and some say sex-drive and feeling younger and better. In any case it is important to read how a product works before using it. So do yourself a favor and dedicate some time to read :)

GBN is legit Kalpa Pharmaceutical supplier. You can check this on Kalpa site (kalpapharmaceuticals.com). Buying from GBN means you get real product. Feel free to test Kalpa's product it in a lab and update us.

Kalpatropin 100iu Steroid Cycle

Kalpatropin is used in 3-6 months cycles. It can be used alone or together with a steroids cycle stack.

Kalpatropin sometimes is used as a solo in fat loss cycles, however in this case user must already have low fat.

Here we will present a classic combo of HGH + Testosteron Propionate + Primobolan. This will be a good cycle before summer.

Clean nutrition and 4days/week workouts are mandatory. Cardio must be done daily! Dont expect "gear" do the work for you.


1-14 Testoxyl Propionate - 400-500mg/week

1-14 Primoxyl - 600-800mg/week

1-14 HGH - 4iu/day

PCT with Clomixyl (Clomid)will start 1 week after last injection.

Below is PCT schedule with Clomid. HGH can be used during PCT.

Day 1 – Clomid 100mg
Day 2 - Clomid 100mg
Following 20 days – Clomid 50mg
*If needed you can take it for 5-7 days more at 25mg/day dosage.
TABS are taken with food.

How to mix Kalpatropin HGH

1. Any HGH is injected with insulin syringes.

2. HGH Powder you get must be mixed with bac water.

3. Mixing ratio HGH with BAC water: use 1ml of bac water per 10iu vial of hgh.

Additional info

How many lines on a insulin needle to equal 1iu?

For Kalpatropin if you use 1ml of water with the 10iu of GH then 1 tick mark on the pin will equal 1iu.

What is normal HGH dosage?

4iu/day for men

2iu/day for women

What is normal HGH cycle length?

3 months

How to keep HGH I already mixed with bac water?

Keep it in the fridge, it is good up to 14 days.

Can I use HGH during PCT?

Yes, HGH can be used during PCT. Actually it will help slow down the catabolic state the body will be in after steroid cycle due to low testosterone levels and help keep gains made while on cycle.

Can I stack HGH with Steroids?


Where can I read more about HGH cycle?

How to cycle HGH?

Kalpatropin Reviews

"Started using Kalpa HGH about 5 weeks ago on a low dose, 3 iu/day, fat loss regimine. So far, outstanding results! I would recommend this to anyone looking for low cost, high grade HGH product! I will be upping my dose to 6 iu's/day at the end of 2 months and using it on a lean mass building cycle of 12 weeks. Then back down to the 3 iu/day for the cutting phase. I will update my progress. But, again, this is the best HGH I've used. You really can't go wrong!"

You can leave your review for Kalpatropin below or review Kalpatropin on bodybuilding forum.

Do I get discounts if I buy more than 10x or 20x?

Yes you do, our website will automatically apply a discount if you add to shopping cart more than 10x of one and the same product.

If you buy more than 30x please write a ticket and we will offer additional discount.

I do have some specific questions on Kalpatropin where do I get help?

If you have any additional questions on this product please click here: how to cycle Kalpatropin?

Kalpatropin 100iu Reviews
Jun 21, 2023 (20:02)

I've been a GBN store customer for about 10 years and have ordered Kalpa HGH several times. This product is excellent. The compound is clearly working and seems to be accurately dosed. Effects include reduced abdominal fat, less muscle soreness / faster recovery, higher IGF-1 noted through a blood test, and other tell-tail effects such as thicker hair. Never a problem with delivery either; well packaged and it only takes a couple weeks when in-stock. Highly recommended.

Jun 19, 2023 (09:15)

Absolutely a great product, helped me reach my goals and I will be purchasing this again, and great communication with GBN.

May 17, 2023 (10:41)

I have great success with this and many other Kalpa products. Very high quality just like GBN customer support. Great people to work with.

Mar 23, 2023 (08:56)

The reason I chose to return to GBN for so many years has shown that they are on top of everything and with the best of customer care and excellent info pertaining to their products.
What I like is how professional GBN team is and how they do their best to make sure a customer is taken care of.
So far GBN is doing an above excellent job with their services. Keep up the outstanding services!

Mar 18, 2023 (02:05)

I've read I can use it with PCT

Feb 17, 2023 (05:05)

Wow, Kalpatropin on sale?! Never thought will see it here. Thanks GBN!

Jan 26, 2023 (03:22)

Thank you so much for what you do , you make a difference in peoples life. I send my blessing to you and your family!!!

My experience with Huge Tom and GBN is superb top notch service every time I order thanx for everything I look forward to our continued partnership.

Oct 20, 2022 (03:03)

this iis better than roids, isnt it?

Jul 29, 2022 (03:42)

When HGH is lyophilized (freeze dried) it survives shaking without problems and is good at room temperature (up to 37 degrees Celsius / 99 Fahrenheit) for over 30 days.

Jul 4, 2022 (11:17)

I saved around $70 with this summer sale on this product ! Thank you gbn :)

Apr 22, 2021 (14:43)

Hey I’d like to order more of this. Can I still get it?

Apr 21, 2021 (19:25)

I would like to order this. How do I proceed? Thank you.

Aug 18, 2020 (13:29)

I would like to order this. How do I proceed?
Thank you

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