Q & A with Huge Tom - (part 7) - What a 50 years old man can use to gain muscles and feel younger?


> My name is Tom, I'm 50 years old 6'1"
> Tall 230lbs (not muscle) with a 38" waist.
> I need to lose the 30lbs I want more energy and to feel younger and gain some
> Muscle. I was told I should try the cypionate 250 1cc a week for 13 weeks.
> I wanted to get your opinion on this to see if I'm going in the right direction.
> Thanks
> Tom


Dear sir,

Welcome to GBN - the place where customer is the king.

I am Tom and I will do my best to help you.

As long as you are healthy yes that advice is good.

Afte 35 years old men start feeling lack of energy, mood, sex drive (surely this depends on a person's lifestyle) but the main cause is that our natural testosterone production gets lower(it actually gets lower earlier but in most cases we feel that after 35 years) which affects those things I just mentioned.

So what some men do? Some go to doctors and are put on TRT (testosteroen replacement therapy) What this mean? They inject testosterone from outside to compensate the difference. To find out how much a person has to inject best way is to have bloodwork done and see what is happening inside, this is done with a doctor who can consult you.

There are men who dont want to go to doctor for any reasons so they decide to act by themselves.

Most popular thing to do is testosterone injections and if to follow tested protocols then yes 1cc (1ml) of either testosterone enanthate or cypionate for 10-12 weeks is a "normal" testosterone cycle for a healthy men. After cycle is over a PCT is required. About PCT you can read here: https://www.gbnstore.net/articles/post-cycle-therapy-and-why-you-need-it-4685.html

So far you are looking into right direction if you want to try these products.

Let me know if I was helpful enough and if you have any other questions.

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