Basic Human Growth Hormone Cycle (HGH Cycle)

Basic Human Growth Hormone Cycle (HGH Cycle)

I get many questions regarding correct HGH usage.

Finally this made me write this post so you can benefit by it and send it to your friends who are interested in using HGH which btw is a great choice if you want results and safety.

So for efficient muscle growth your HGH cycle will look this way: 4-6 months @ 6-10iu/day. If money is a problem you can start 1 month with 5iu/day.

To anticipate some questions: yes you can stay on it 3 month too only on 5iu/day.

This will give some muscle growth and fat loss effect. Important: if this is your first hgh cycle better start with low doses @ 2iu/day for first 1-2 weeks.

You can stack it with some testosterone and primo for 10-12 weeks.

You can start hgh cycle and after 1 month add steroid cycle while being on hgh.

Regarding taking hgh before bed I will quote: it is clear that the closer we push our injection to the time our body is ready to give us its biggest pulses of HGH, we are going to end up derailing our own triggers and secretion.

Don't forget to train hard and stimulate muscles via new training methods.

Syringes:U100 insulin syringe for injecting HGH is what you need.

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