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    Propha-Testosterone 100


    Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate
    Package: 10 ml VIAL
    Strength: 100 mg/ml
    Dosage: 1ml/EOD; 6-10 weeks;
    Lean Mass


    80.85 USD


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    • Apr 12, 2022 (09:26) Hands down best gear every time . This is my 57th order over the last 10 years and never once have I been disappointed . It’s only gotten better . Faster shipping , more accurate descriptions. People first , don’t be scared to order from this site . The feds are not coming to your door for a simple order . Out of all my orders , orders even sent on base in Kandahar Afghan , everyone made it . Only 1 time 7 years ago did one of my orders get flagged . And they sent a letter saying that my mail was flagged for illigal supplements . The end . Oh and then . I told Tom . And boom . Second order to a different location was sent . And yes I got it . And let’s talk about gear ? Buy from these guys and get results or buy from some neighborhood guy making shit in his back bedroom . The results are at gbn

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