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    4 weeks testosterone propionate cycle

    Short steroid cycle with quick acting testosterone propionate.
    Enough time to feel how it works and decide whether to quit or continue.
    Call it Test-Drive Cycle

    98.25 USD 131.00 USD


    Dear customers,

    I am happy to inform you that today I added the cheapest and shortest injectable steroid cycle.

    Some of you are asking for a short cycle to test how steroids work and here is the solution.

    I have put together a cycle which is to be run for 4 weeks only.

    It consists of testosterone propionate which is a quick acting ester and you will feel it from second injection already.

    4 weeks on testosterone propionate is enough to feel how it works and get some results.

    The Test P in this cycle will be used @1ml/EOD for 4 weeks.

    Week 5 is totally OFF and on week 6 you begin PCT with clomid.

    Send us a ticket if you have any additional questions.


    20ml of testoxyl propionate

    30 tabs of clomid

    16 2ml syringes with needles

    The price is just $100 without shipping.

  • Reviews

    • Apr 4, 2018 (20:40) What can I expect from this cycle?
    • Jan 22, 2018 (11:07) I like this simple approach. also it looks like a good balance between sides and results. great job gbn.
    • Dec 10, 2017 (16:08) Self explanatory people.... 16 needles for 4 week cycle. Do the math.
    • Feb 18, 2017 (12:29) How does this cycle last 4 weeks with the 16 needles provided?
    • Dec 28, 2016 (17:21) Daily injections for four weeks but only 16 needles?
    • Sep 22, 2016 (17:18) Can you explain to me how this work ? And how to use it ?
    • Dec 24, 2015 (17:33) i have never done a cycle before and i'm 50 years old but i love bodybuilding and want to take the next step, so for this 4 week cycle how much do you take a day/week for the 4 weeks.
    • Dec 5, 2015 (16:56) How much clomid do you take a day for the PCT
    • Aug 10, 2015 (16:49) Is this product in stock?
    • Dec 4, 2014 (03:57) will this add size strength and help lose some fat

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