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    14 Weeks to Quality,Strength and Lean Muscles

    Quality Muscles and Strength steroids cycle. Try something new.

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    This 14 weeks cycle is very good cycle for those who want to achieve strength and muscular mass keeping in the same time quality.
    We will start with 4 weeks of dbol at dosage of 40mg/day, some may opt for 50mg/day.
    In the same time we start injecting testosterone enanthate at dosage of 500mg/week split into 2 injections(Monday and Friday). Getting 2 injections per week will keep its level more stable.
    Also we start injecting Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) at dosage of 600mg week. (split into 3 injections per week).
    Last 5 weeks we add Winstrol which will help you attaining that quality you were looking for.
    Dbol is used to kickstart the cycle. It is worth mentioning that dbol is toxic for your liver so taking Liv 52 or milk thistle is an important aspect of this cycle.

    As a PCT use Nolvadex and Clomid. Also add Vitamin E at least 400mg/day.

    1-5 Dbol@30mg/day
    1-14 Testosterone Enanthate @500mg/week
    1-14 Primobolan @600mg/week
    7-12 Winstrol Injectable@50mg EOD
    14-17 PCT as follow:

    Day 1 – Clomixyl 150mg -  in three divided doses.
    Day 2 - Clomixyl 100mg -   in two divided doses
    Following 10 days – Clomixyl 50mg  - before bed
    Following 10 days
    – Clomixyl 50mg - before bed

    Products included:
    Dianoxyl 10 - 200 tabs
    Testosterone Enanthate 4 vials
    Primoblan 100 - 9 vials
    Stanozolol Injectable 20amps of 1ml each.
    Clomid 1pack

    This cycle was taken from: http://www.steroidscycles.net

    ---Before buying please write a ticket to confirm that each product is in stock---

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    • Sep 14, 2016 (02:34) When will this cycle be in stock?
    • Apr 21, 2016 (23:55) is this cycle in stock?
    • Jan 9, 2015 (18:18) Hi, Team, I am a new customer, your references and reviews are great and I'm looking forward to getting first hand experience your products. When will this cycle be in stock , is there an alternative for one? as I am planning to start a cycle for next month. Please advise. Best regards, Lefty_7
    • May 21, 2013 (14:41) Whats a good place to pin?
    • May 10, 2013 (03:15) I like it and I did it. Primo is the king and to feel it you need at least 14 weeks.

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