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    Testorox C250

    Manufacturer: ZZerox Pharmaceuticals
    Active Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
    Package: 10 amps (250mg/ml)

    58.80 USD


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    • Nov 8, 2023 (07:30) The information I am about to review is for educational purposes only. I do not endorse the use of steroids. Please consult with your physician before making such decisions.

      I clearly have some medical background info to make the statement above but want to leave a review based on zzerox test cyp. It is manufactured in a legit pharmaceutical warehouse known as AKUM. I have had a biochemist I know test this product and the batches per ml was anywhere between 240-260mg per ml. That's a very good indication this product is legit. Also had a review on the oil carrier and is MCT thus very smooth, for those who are not allergic to MCT. I have been. Using the test cyp with an insulin needle 27 gauge 1/2 inch for ED injections for. More stable levels. My dose is 50mg ED for a total of 350mg a week. I keep my try dose at 300-350 mg a week to keep my e2 around 50-60. Yes you need Estrodial to grow muscle for the purpose of IGF. My total testosterone came back at around 1580 which is exactly where I like it to be on this dose (1300-1500 is good for my body). Now if your doing TRT but have a desk job this may not be a good dose for you, consult your physician. I am in the medical field and extremely active thus my physicians approved me to Go a little higher due to how active I am. This product has serve a wonderful purpose in keeping my levels steady and workouts have been great thus far. Since this product is manufactured in a GMP/pharmaceutical facility I would definitely recommend this brand. Again not condoning the use, but Giving my review on a very good product. Huge Tom and his team are extremely helpful and will definitely help you reach your goals or better Health. Thanks again Tom and GBN team!
    • Nov 29, 2022 (03:47) Man you are the freaking best! By far the best customer service i have ever experienced in my life!
      Thanks again for your patience with me, and getting the money thing situated. You are the best!

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