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    Primodex 100

    GOAL: Lean Muscles
    TYPE: Injections
    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Testosterone Blend
    STRENGTH: 100mg/ml
    AMOUNT: 10ml vial

    115.00 USD


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    • Oct 4, 2019 (04:01) those with experience please give me an advice, I am working out in gym naturally for 4 years & I am planning to do my first steroid cycle in summer 2020... from what I read testosterone enanthate or cypionate for 12 weeks at 2ml.week is the way to go + PCT. What do you think about this cycle as first one for someone who worked out for 4 years naturally? Thank you!
    • Mar 23, 2018 (11:05) anytime back?
    • Mar 23, 2018 (08:44) anytime soon back in stock?

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