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    Arimixyl (Anastrozole)

    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Substance: Anastrozole
    Pack: 30 tablets (1 mg/tab)

    24.00 USD 40.00 USD


    Arimixyl or Anastrozole is the product used during cycle to prevent gyno and all unwanted effects from high estrogen level.Arimixyl has active substance Anastrozole and is used at 0.5 mg EOD or you can start with 0.25 ED and then adjust accordingly.

    If you have questions regarding arimixyl usage please contact Huge Tom via our ticket system.

  • Reviews

    • Jun 7, 2021 (02:44) thank you gbn, kalpa works!
    • Jun 5, 2021 (07:13) I cannot say enough about these guys Truly: the communication, tracking numbers, delivery dates, and oh by the way, last order....came a day earlier then I was told. Tell me the last time that happened to someone, anyone
    • Jul 9, 2018 (01:34) when will you have this back again? It worked great for my gym buddies whose body is sensitive to high estrogen.
    • May 2, 2018 (07:08) this one is always on my hand to combat gyno sides, I consider it best.
    • Dec 11, 2013 (06:31) What's better for gyno prevention on a sust. & dbol cycle. Long cycle bout 16 weeks. Which product would you recommend arimizyl or aromaxyl? Thanks...

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