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    • Site

      Simplicity of navigation
      Design/pleasure of perception
      Ordering process
      Website is very well designed and built. You are able to see different categories regarding your needs. Ordering is always smooth.

      Customer Support

      Tom and his team always answers the questions that I have under 24 hours. They are always very helpful whether it is about the products, shipping or how to use them in an most effective way. I had times that my package was lost and was stuck in customs and they reshipped the items without any problems with success


      Shipping Speed
      Packing is always well secured. Speed of the shipping is depends on where it is from in my opinion. Most of the time it comes within 1 week. Rarely it comes around 3-6 weeks and whenever it is in 3-6 week range. My package doesn’t come to me. It either get lost or stuck in customs but fortunately, whenever I contacted gbn on this matter. They gladly reshipped the items so that’s a huge plus in my opinion.


      I only have used kalpa products. Tren acetate, test prop, clen, masteron propionate, eq, test Enanthate, winstrol, arimidex and cialis version of kalpa. I got the results I needed from each and every product and much more. They all worked very well with their specific characteristics. Overall, I got amazing results with all the products I mentioned above. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years and never looked back. Thank you gbn team and Huge Tom