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      Simplicity of navigation
      Design/pleasure of perception
      Ordering process
      The only thing tht threw me was on the form of payment i had trouble given my info cuz it asks for latin text so it took a few times till it excepted wht i wrote.Everything mst be lower cased no commas and such tht shld be said before hand how to fill the money sent order sheet out.

      Customer Support

      Great feed bck gbn gts bck to you quickly wth no sarcastic attitudes if you hve ?s very professional in tht manner.Everyone has ?s and gbn knows this and does there best to answer thm.


      Shipping Speed
      Though packed in saren wrap id suggest sme bubble wrapp around it to and placed in a satched package so by feel it dnt seem suspicious nt like two viles put together. Whn you feel the package it feels like a co2 can. It still was strongley wrapped and tight bt one layer of bubble wrapp might protect it more frm being damaged while being shipped.


      Jst started the kalpa tren so cnt give an answer on how good it is yet bt i will once i see results and how potent by hveing my blood checked to see if it is in my system.Since im already prescribed testosterone i wrk close wth my endocronologist who knows i bdybuild and do cycle other products wth it,so to keep an eye on my levels so i to use these substances safely.