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    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
    Substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
    Pack: 100 tabs (40 mcg/tab)

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    One of the good ways to see how clenbuterol works personally for you is to begin with 2 weeks on - 2 weeks off cycle. During this time you must to listen to your body and observe how this compound works for you.

    Next clenbuterol fat loss cycle may consists of 1 month on clenbutaxyl cycle. After second cycle you can compare both. Choose the one that works for you better and dont do it to often so body wont get used to it.

    Do not forget about cardio and diet.

    Here we have a package for 6 weeks on clenbuterol fat loss cycle. Everything included. Just click buy now and start getting rid off of that fat.

    Weeks Clenbuterol (mcg/day)
    1 40 mcg/day
    2 60 mcg/day
    3 80 mcg/day
    4 80 mcg/day
    5 80 mcg/day
    6 40 mcg/day

    This cycle is good both for men and women and it is a good starting point.

    Be informed that it is not wise to use clen for more than 1 month as body gets used to it and you won't feel any effect.

    Men may increase dosage up to 120mcg day which is NOT recommended for women.

    If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.


  • Reviews

    • Sep 1, 2019 (08:39) Great product for polishing up the finishing touches of a cutting cycle.
    • Mar 17, 2019 (06:13) I do 2 weeks ON and 2 weeks OFF and it works for me but I do it only once per year before summer :)
    • Apr 5, 2018 (14:05) thank you for great products and service.
    • Jan 3, 2017 (19:47) When will new stock come in?
    • Sep 22, 2016 (20:48) Is this good for someone that has high blood pressure?
    • Apr 15, 2016 (02:34) Is this in stock?

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