Clenbuterol 40
Fat Loss

Clenbuterol 40

Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
Pack: 100 tabs (40mcg/tab)

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Clenbuterol 40 Detailed

Hello everyone who wants to burn fat :)

Before trying Clenbuterol for fat loss (or any other fat burner) make sure that you did your best in terms of:

- clean nutrition;

- enough cardio (at least 3 days per week with 80% intensity and 30 mins all other days, walking, swimming, biking);

- drink enough water (you dont even know how many people underestimate this) 2-3L of clearn water per day will do magic for some of you;

- regular workouts;

- no heart problems!

If you want to try Clen - start with small dosage to see how your body reacts. 40 or even 20mcg is a good way to start. Clenbuterol dosage is measured in MCG not MG!

Should I split Clenbuterol tabs or take full dosage at once?

Since Clenbuterol has a long half life (around 2 days) it seems that there are all reasons to take the full dosage at once but this does not always work good since some users experience side effects (shaking, sweating) while others not. So what is the conclusion here? Again try for yourself both options:
1. take in the morning full dosage and if you feel good than it is easier for you
2. If you experience sides from taking full dosage try to split it into two one in the morning and second a few hours later.

What is a good Clenbuterol fat loss cycle?

The one where you keep dosage as low as possible, get results and no sides :)

Well that is perfect situation and in real world user will have to try, make some mistakes then adapt for himself.

One of the good ways to see how clenbuterol works personally for you is to begin with 2 weeks on - 2 weeks off cycle. During this time you must to listen to your body and observe how this compound works for you.

For example a normal Clenbuterol Fat Loss Cycle may look this way:

Weeks Clenbuterol (mcg/day)
1 20 mcg/day first 2 days then 40mcg
2 80 mcg/day
5 80 mcg/day
6 40 mcg/day

This cycle is good both for men and women and it is a good starting point.

Be informed that it is not wise to use clen for more than 1 month as body gets used to it and you won't feel any effect.

If you have any additional questions click here.


Clenbuterol 40 Reviews
May 26, 2018 (22:42)

Clenbuterol is a B2 agonist which causes blood pressure to increase

May 2, 2018 (07:13)

will it work without me doing cardio? lol just joking, thank you guys for great service.

Apr 5, 2018 (13:07)

I received this Clen in 2 weeks. Customer Support was very helpful. Will order again. Thank you.

Jan 22, 2018 (11:36)

I used it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off at two tabs per day it helped me but I always had headaches, now I do not use it. So my question, why did I have headaches?

Sep 22, 2016 (20:45)

Is this good for someone that has high blood pressure?

Sep 22, 2016 (20:45)

Is this good for someone that has high blood pressure?

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