New Way GBN Discounts Work

Dear sir,

Probably you've seen that all products from BULK/DISCOUNTS section from GBN website are as "out of stock" however that does not mean that products are out of stock. The story behind this is next one and here is what we improved.

For example until now when you wanted to buy of let's say 8 vials of Kalpa Testoxyl Cypionate at $47 the price per vial would be the same and in order to get a discount you had to buy a pack of 10 vials. So why would you buy 10 vials if you need just 7 or 8 or 9?

Now GBN gives you discount starting with 5 vials.

SO now the price adjusts automatically according to the vials/tabs amount you add to shopping cart.

If until now the price for 9 vials would not change as price per vial now it changes starting from 5 vials and more.

Just insert whatever number you want and click ADD TO BASKET and then go to your shopping cart to see how much of a discount you have.

We hope you enjoy this feature.

Thank you for using GBN.

We wish you all the best!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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