HCG Organon Ilaclari, Turkey in stock at gbnstore

We got two versions of Organon Ilaclari, Turkey HCG, one is 1500IU and second one is 5000iu.

They are not premixed and you will get the amp and solution separately.

LINKS are below:

HCG pregnyl 1500iu - http://www.gbnstore.com/post-cycle-therapy-339/hcg-pregnyl-1500iu-27372.html

HCG pregnyl 5000iu - http://www.gbnstore.com/post-cycle-therapy-339/hcg-pregnyl-5000iu-3130.html

If you have any questions on mix and usage, contact us now using this link: http://www.gbnstore.com/contact/