Pre-ordering is a way to save time and be sure you have product reserved for you

Dear customers,

I am amazed how many people like to do things on last minute.

We sold all propionate and now I get many tickets on when we will have it.

While some pre-order it via tickets other prefer to wait until we get it and then to order.

If you decided to go with X or Z product why waiting 1-2 weeks until we get it and only then send payment, wait 1-3 days until payment is received and order packed and shipped, it all takes time.

By pre-ordering an item you can be sure you will have it reserved and send to you immediately once we get it.

This way you save time and dont need to check daily the site if we got it, right? :)

Feel free to ask me via ticket about arrival time and then decide on pre-ordering. I will be happy to help you.

Huge Tom - GBN's rep


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