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    MANUFACTURER: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    GOAL: Cutting
    TYPE: Tabs
    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Oxandrolone
    STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
    AMOUNT: 50 tabs

    58.00 USD
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    Oxandroxyl Kalpa Pharmaceuticals  - Oral anabolic steroid which is used at 20-70mg/day for 2-6 weeks.

    Oxandroxyl is trade name for Oxandrolone or as you have heard Anavar.

    These tabs can be used in cutting/strength or bulking cycle, but in last case it depends on what is your main compound. If you need a personal steroid cycle contact us we will help.

    Oxandroxyl usage dose: 20-70mg/day

    Length: 6 weeks; not longer since it is 17A which means it stresses liver

    Effect: Lean muscles growth, mostly used in cutting cycles.

    Can be used alone? Yes for 2-6 weeks.

    Stacking: Testosterone Cypionate, Propionate, Sustaxyl 350, Primobolan, Winstrol


    Want to know how to use this product? Let us know - we will help you.

  • Reviews

    • Dec 24, 2019 (02:14) kalpa oxandroxyl and primobolan are two my favorites.
    • Oct 4, 2019 (03:14) at 40mg/day for 5 weeks I got lea and strong but after 2 weeks after cycle results went down, I guess that is normal :)
    • Oct 2, 2019 (07:23) Best! I used it and my gf at 5mg/day for 2 weeks.
    • Feb 1, 2018 (09:03) I lke Kalpa's Anavar.

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