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    Product Name: Providex
    Substance: Mesterolone
    Content: 50 tabs 50mg/tab
    Manufacturer: Sciroxx

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    Providex balances a deficiency of androgen formation which begins to fall gradually with increasing age. Therefore, Proviron is suitable for treatment of all conditions caused by deficient endogenous androgen formation. In the recommended therapeutic dosage, Proviron will not impair spermatogenesis. Proviron is especially well tolerated by the liver. As for athlete usage Providex helps reduce estrogenic side effects of other steroids water-retention, lowered sex drive, gynocomastia, etc.

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    • Oct 3, 2022 (02:26) You are going way above and beyond on the customer service, huge tom. No need for the discount on my next order. :-) The package came in yesterday, and I was away from the internet. Either way, I really appreciate the work youve done to make this a great experience. Brandon.
    • Oct 4, 2019 (04:55) Which is better for Post Cycle Therapy Clomid or Nolva? From what I read Clomid seems to have more benefits in restoring natural testosterone production.

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