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    SP Stanozol

    MANUFACTURER: SP Laboratories
    GOAL: Cutting
    TYPE: Tabs
    STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
    AMOUNT: 100 tabs

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    SP Stanozol (Oral Winstrol)

    Stanozolol is indicated in protein synthesis disorders, cachexia of diverse genesis; trauma, burns, pre- and postoperative infectious diseases and after irradiation; renal and adrenal, toxic goiter, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, negative nitrogen balance corticosteroid therapy, hypo and aplastic anemia.

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  • Reviews

    • Jun 13, 2019 (03:22) I am using this for 6 weeks now and have some unpleasant feelings in my joints, is it due to stanozolol or due to super-sets?
    • Oct 27, 2017 (06:26) Just received this stanozolol, by the way it came in 12 days.
    • Oct 13, 2017 (07:41) I always liked the winstrol. GBNstore.net is definitely at the top of the food chain for professionalism

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