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    Dianabol 10

    MANUFACTURER: Gen-Shi Labs
    GOAL: Strength
    TYPE: Tabs
    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Methandienone
    STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
    AMOUNT: 54 tabs

    30.00 USD
    Buy 5+ for 28.50 USD and save 7.50 USD

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    With GBNStore you get products who during years proved to be best.

    Also GBN is well known for its top notch customer service.

    As an additional benefit here you get advices on products usage from a real competing bodybuilder.

    Now you decide with whom to work :)

  • Reviews

    • Nov 6, 2019 (19:20) Please, members who are new at using any of these, do not ask any questions about the products nor cycles. Simply go to any popular forum, such as hypermuscle.com, and read what others have posted about them. Chances are, someone inquired the same thing some time ago. Believe me, it's how I and many other members learned.
    • Oct 4, 2019 (03:33) Please give me an advice, I am working out in gym naturally for 4 years & I am planning to do my first steroid cycle in summer 2020... from what I read testosterone enanthate or cypionate for 12 weeks at 2ml.week is the way to go + PCT. What do you think about this cycle as first one for someone who worked out for 4 years naurally?
    • Jun 13, 2019 (03:29) why does it come in strange 54 tabs package?
    • Jun 13, 2019 (03:29) so is gen-shi back?
    • Jun 15, 2016 (00:49) Hi Tom, Some of the BEST products . I had great gains and no sides . LOVED it !!!! The fastes shipping on the web !
    • Apr 15, 2015 (05:13) Hey big Tom, I'm 40 years old new to gear. Looking for a good oral beginner cycle around 200 bucks any suggestions?
    • Mar 6, 2015 (00:11) Is this in stock
    • Mar 5, 2015 (02:23) how is the quality if Gun-shi labs products?
    • Oct 25, 2013 (18:56) Is this in stock?

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