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    Anavar 10: Dragon Pharma

    MANUFACTURER: Dragon Pharma, Europe
    GOAL: Cutting
    TYPE: Tabs
    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Oxandrolone
    STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
    AMOUNT: 100 tabs

    65.00 USD
    Buy 5+ for 61.75 USD and save 16.25 USD


    - Doses for a male can run from 20mgs all the way to 100mgs a day, for females doses can be ran from 2.5mgs to 20mgs everyday

    - Normally stacked with any cutting compounds like Primobolan, winstrol, EQ, Halotestin

    - Anavar can be ran anywhere from 6-10 weeks, but liver/kidney protectants is highly recommended

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  • Reviews

    • Oct 4, 2019 (03:27) Please give me an advice, I am working out naturally 4 years, looking for my first steroid cycle, from what I read testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks at 2ml.week is the way to go + PCT. What do you think about this cycle as first one for someone who worked out for 4 years naurally?
    • Jun 13, 2019 (08:55) Better results than expected. Used in combination with test and EQ. Good product, would order again.
    • Jun 13, 2019 (03:03) can I give this to my gf at 5mg/day ?
    • Feb 15, 2018 (09:20) Tom, when will you have more of this?

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