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    Nolvaxyl (Nolvadex)

    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
    Substance: Tamoxifen
    Pack: 30 tablets (20 mg/tab)

    31.50 USD


    Used for PCT after cycle as well as during the cycle when suddenly gyno appears. Send us a ticket with more info on your specific situation.

    Each situation is different and needs proper approach.

    Contact Huge Tom for more info.

    When used for PCT here is how to use Nolvadex:


    Day 1 – Nolvaxyl 40mg
    Day 2 – Nolvaxyl 40mg
    Following 10 days –  Nolvaxyl 20mg
    Following 10 days
    – Nolvaxyl 20mg


  • Reviews

    • Oct 17, 2023 (06:08) To fight gyno during steroid cycle use anastrozole, not nolvadex.
    • May 25, 2023 (10:49) Yes, I read that too.
      GBN is my fav shop.
    • Oct 20, 2022 (03:06) I remember reading somewhere about this being good for gyno treatmetn.
    • May 23, 2022 (09:49) I have been using gbnstore for a few years now. I really like the Kalpa Pharm line. It is legit stuff and I have had blood test done while using the products from this site. My testosterone was over 1100 one time. Their customer service is really helpful. I always get my product. Hugetom is really helpful if you have questions or a problem. I fully recommend this site to get your steroids or even ED products.
    • Apr 10, 2022 (12:52) I used to use this for PCT now I switched to CLomid.
    • Jun 5, 2021 (07:08) Huge Tom, I'm ur huge fan from now on, package received and well packed, ur the bomb
    • Jan 3, 2020 (13:02) Novla is good to treat gyno
    • Oct 4, 2019 (04:51) What do you think is better for PCT Clomid or Nolva? From what I read Clomid seems to have more benefits in restoring natural testosterone production.
    • Oct 2, 2019 (04:26) How many prefer Nolva over Clomid?
    • Jan 13, 2018 (10:06) this nolvaxyl helped me treating gyno
    • Dec 29, 2017 (08:32) Got it, thx gbn.
    • Sep 1, 2017 (12:20) Just finished my first cycle of test e 2 cc /week and wondwring what would be best to take to make sure no gyno appears and get levels back up?
    • Aug 3, 2017 (06:47) To restore natural testosterone production, use clomid not Nolva.
    • Aug 2, 2017 (15:54) I have been in cycle of test c and Dbol. The ester transfer as shut me down, what is the best way to reactivate my production of testosterone?
    • Mar 16, 2016 (19:08) I have just completed a 10 week cycle of test c injecting 500 cc per week how long should I wait before starting Nolvadex
    • Jan 19, 2016 (19:39) I'm close to completing a cycle of Testosterone and I was told that I should do post cycle therapy. Is this the correct stuff to help with cycle recovery ? How long should take this for ? Any advice would be appreciated it. Thank you
    • Nov 30, 2015 (18:52) Is this item in stock?

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