Why BodyBuilding?

Why Bodybuilding? Among swimming, bodybuilding is one the sports or activity which implies as many muscles as possible which gives all body parts development.

This is very important as our bodies were created to move to work and this way our lives will be longer with less health issues and good sex drive

Let's start with bodybuilding benefits for teenagers.

The first thing worth mentioning here is that parents should encourage their children to physical activity. This way they will prevent many future issues with them and will do them a huge favor.

1. Discipline. As any kind of sport bodybuilding will develop in them spirit of discipline. They must know that they have training today and it does not matter whether it is raining or not and if there are no other factors which may stop them from going to the gym then they must go.

2. Health. Physical Activity will make them grow healthy. This will also develop in them such an attitude which will motivate them to help you around the house and they will not get tired quick.

3. Self-Confidence. Having success in the gym will influence them positively in other sphere too and there are many examples of this fact.

It worth mentioning that children are not allowed to use any supplements and over more steroids. This must be explained logically so they will not want to do this in secret. Explain them that this is not needed now as they will grow easily with nothing until they are 25 years. After this results will come slower but still will come.

Now regarding benefits for adults.

1.Health. Daily work, many issues puts so much stress on our bodies and mind. Bodybuilding is the right thing to choose in this case. Lifting weights will make your body release endorphin. Endorphins work as "natural pain relievers", whose effects may be enhanced by other medications. Endoprhin is also called "the feel good hormone". Endorphins regulate feelings of pain and hunger and are connected to the production of sex hormones.
According to some reports, laughter also releases endorphins in the brain. Apart from widening the blood vessels, suppressing the production of stress hormones and raising antibody levels in the blood, laughing would thus also have an analgesic effect.

2. Good Sleep. Weight training will promote a better quality of sleep and help you fall asleep faster. Your capacity for handling stress will improve. Research has shown taking some form of regular exercise is one of the best ways of managing stress effectively.

3. Good looking. With age our metabolism slows down and we need to burn more calories if we want to keep the desired look of our bodies. Bodybuilding fitness workouts help to build lean tissue, burn body fat and develop a flat belly. They also help to raise resting metabolism rate. Good looking body will create another positive effect - self-confidence.

4. Self-Confidence. It does not matter what your age is you still need self-confidence and positive thinking.

5.Sex-drive. BodyBuilding will increase your testosterone level and thus sexual drive. It has been shown in many studies, including a published study Int J Sports Med. 1991 Apr;12(2):228-35 done on both men and women during resistance excercise.
Especially squats and deadlifts will increase GH and Testosterone levels.

So what are you waiting for? Start your training today. For more advices go for www.hypermuscles.com and get advices from experienced bodybuilders how to start your training.



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