Sustanon cycle

Each time someone is asking me about a good steroid cycle for mass and strength I say: sustanon cycle. Why sustanon and not deca cycle or dbol cycle or testosterone cycle? Because when you are on sustanon cycle plus some dbol and primobolan your chances to success are very very high. Sustanon cycle is so popular nowadays because of great properties of this steroid and its ability to promote muscle growth and strength. I’ve seen many guys in my gym who once started sustanon cycle "got other body" if we can say so. Muscle density changed, quality of muscles changed and the weights they lifted were much more then before sustanon cycle was in their mind.

Today good old sustanon has many trade names like: sustaplex,sustagen, gp sust,sustamed and many other but each of these products will give you what you are looking for: muscles, power, strength and energy.

Before starting your sustanon cycle I would recommend you checking your training and nutrition schedule. Be sure to train hard at least 4 days per week, eat very very good and use protein shakes as protein amount should not be less than 2-2.5g/kg. Once these are on point you can start sustanon cycle.
Dont think that neglecting nutrition, rest and hard training principles are not important while you are on steroids, that is not true. Better think what else you can do to benefit by maximum growth while you are on steroid cycle. Steroids use must be wise.

Here is a good scheme for your sustanon cycle. I added here dbol (methandienone) for best results. Dont forget about proper Post Cycle Therapy. ( you can read some good information on PCT here:


1-4: dbol@ 40mg/day split throughout the day.

1-12: sustanon@500mg/week

Good luck and train hard!



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