Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss is something which many people seeks for. Some may ask is this really possible? And I will answer yes, natural weight loss is possible. Surely it not somethine easy and achievable over night but depending on your goal it may be easier than you think.

It is more important to know how to lose weight naturally and stick to these principles. Consistency is the key here.

Natural weight loss is a process which conssists of a few steps and you must stick to them if you want to lose weight and look great and have everyone’s eyes on you.

In order to lose weight you must know a few important things:

- calories intake must be reduced

- 60% of all calories must be received until 13.00 PM

- put accent on good carbohydrates, here you can read more about which are good and which aren’t (

- workout at least 2 times per weeks (isn’t your health worth to dedicate it 2-3 hours per week?!)

- IMPORTANT – 3 times per week you will get up earlier than usually and will practice jogging (cardio) for 30 minutes on empty stomach. If you don’t want or dont have where to run you can buy a treadmill and use it. Remember this aspect is very important and it will give you more than 50% of success.

- keep a weight loss log; it can be a notebook or a thread on some bodybuilding forum (for example:

Good luck and enjoy achieving new goals.

Life is wonderful!