A Few Tips from Huge Tom to Get Shredded

Recently I got a question where I was asked to help with getting more shredded look.

Here is a part of  my answer:

If you feel pumped and want to give a try to some cutting workout here is mine which I used before contests: https://www.gbnstore.net/articles/summer-cutting-workout-routine-4663.html

Sure you can take off some exercises and do it in a light way however you have the basic workout where you can play with it.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing you must do daily to get that belly back is to do Vacuum exercise. Do it daily, here is how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loaBqxLNgRM

Do both versions daily!

Now regarding cardio, in order increase metabolism speed and burn fat I recommend doing cardio in the morning 1 hour after you get up on empty stomach, surely you can drink water just do not eat. Length must be from 45 to 60min.
If you cant do cardio in the morning because of the job do it in the evening, if possible after you workout. Surely this way you have less energyt but I think 30 min most of us can do it after workout. The important thing is here AFTER workout.

As far as nutrition, in order to achieve a more shredded look just stick to next basics:
- drink 2-2.5Liters of water daily. 1 Liter = 0.2 galoons. Most important start the day with 1 glass of water.
- eat 1 salad each day.
- take energy from fruits and vegetables
- get 60% of daily calories before 2PM
- eat 1 banana each day, it helps avoid water retention
- avoid complex carbs like pasta, rice or bread before bed and stick to simple carbs, protein and fat.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, click here and ask: https://www.gbnstore.net/contact