Questions and Answers with Huge Tom, Part 2 - I have predisposition to gyno but still want to use steroids

QUESTION: Hi Tom, hope you are doing well. I had a few questions for you before I order any more gear. I want to do a bulk cycle and I was wondering what the best combo would be considering im gyno prone. Also what are the best ways to prevent gyno during a cycle?


Hey man,

I am here to help.

So far if you have predisposition to gyno I would firstly use and AI during cycle like Aromaxyl or Arimixyl at half tab or even 1tab/EOD. (the dosage depends on how you react to roids).

You can start with half of the tab or if you had experience with this dosage and it does not work for you go with 1 tab/EOD. This is acceptable to both arOmaxyl and arImixyl. Both are to be used either at half of the tabd/EOD or 1tab/EOD.

Now second thing I would limit the products I use to the one which are less like to cause gyno. Even if on those I wont get so big at least I wont have tits which won't be good even if I look with 10lbs bigger. So my mind is towards quality instead of quantity.

So what to do in case you want maximum results? I would use such supps like creatine, BCAA and all protein shakes so I am sure I get all needed nutrients. Next I will go to sleep each evening exactly on 10.00PM and no matter what is going on I need to get a full sleep to have my body recovering fully to get maximum results. Also due to good sleep my CNS will refresh and my mind will work better, I will be able to concentrate better on each set, each rep and train more with more quality thus better results.
Finally gear - the gear in this case I would use from these range: test prop, cutaxyl, masteroxyl 100, anavar, winstrol, primobolan, EQ.

From all these you can choose a good stack.

Below are some possible options:

1-10 Test Prop 1ml/EOD
1-5 Anavar 50mg/day can be replaced with Winstrol tabs

As a way of still being on safe side during all cycle have aromaxyl at half of the tab/eod.

1-10 Test Prop 1ml/EOD

1-10 EQ 2ml/week

At the end standard PCT with clomixyl.

I will underline that this is the cycle for maximum results, in case you just want something easier you can always go with testosterone propionate for 8 weeks and Clomid for PCT.

Hope I did not make this sounds complicated however if you still have any questions, let me know.


Looking forward to hearing from you,
Huge Tom

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