Why it is important to take breaks between steroid cycles

You see many people are on gear all year around, plus they dont use only steroids but play with Insulin, GH and many other stuff including prohormones.

Well, that is not wise approach at all.

Firstly staying all year around on gear and risking your health just to have a few cm more of your arms is not wise.

Secondly staying too long on gear may bring many other side effects for your health. You may hardly shut down your natural testosterone production.

Third you must have your blood work done before beginning next cycle to see if your natural test levels are back.

Fourth, to look good you dont need more than 2-3 steroids used wise, at normal dosages with not more than 12 weeks cycle and with blood work done. No need to for insulin and other risky stuff which can be taken under a supervision of professional and if you dont compete you dont need that!

Fifth, staying all year round on gear will make your body used to it which will make you raise dosage which will bring you more side which will bring you health problems which will bring you spents for health and the list will go on? Why would you want that?

So the conclusion is simple. Do the blood work always to see what is inside your body happening, like you check the car at service check your body.

If you work hard, sleep enough, no alcohol no smoking and take break between cycles you have more chances to look good and feel good.

Do it wise and with long term perspective.

Warmest regards,

Huge Tom