Q and A with Huge Tom, PART 5 - I've been on roids 2 years what to take next?

QUESTION: Hello Tom, how are you? I have a question regarding which products to take next. It looks like I am not getting results I was used to. Currently after 2 years on being on different steroids and trying different kind of compounds it looks like my progress is not as good as it was. What would you recommend me trying next in order to keep getting results? Thank you.

ANSWER: Before I give any answers, just let me understand better - you were on gear for 2 years with no breaks or just a few cycles during two years?

That is important factor since body gets used to gear and if you stay too long in order to get results you will have to raise dosage which gives effect but in the same time raises sides and.... well I am sure you know all this stuff.

So if that is the case(two years on gear with no time off) I would not want to dissapoint you but I must be correct here and tell you that it is time to take a break do PCT with Clomid and be ready for some loss in results you got but that is temporay and from long term point of view that would be a correct decision. Take a break, have blood work done and when results are good get back to me and we will continue discussion. Meanwhile if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I am here to help.