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    1ml Insulin Syringe

    Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
    Pack: 10 x 1ml Insulin Syringe
    1/2 ml BD Lo-Dose™ U-100 insulin syringe with 28 G x 1/2

    17.00 USD 20.00 USD


    1/2 ml BD Lo-Dose™ U-100 insulin syringe with 28 G x 1/2

  • Reviews

    • Feb 27, 2020 (09:56) I use this for HGH and for HCG.
    • Aug 31, 2018 (15:02) 1in. deep injection is normal.
    • Aug 23, 2018 (07:15) how deep for HGH injections?
    • Jan 28, 2016 (11:28) Do I need needles with this order of 1ml,s?

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