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    HUCOG INJ 5000iu HCG

    Manufacturer: Bharat Serums And Vaccines Ltd , India
    Substance: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
    Pack: 1 kit x 5000iu premixed (read below more info on how to mix it)

    42.00 USD
    Buy 5+ for 39.90 USD and save 10.50 USD


    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is best used during a hard steroid cycle. One of the popular methods is to use it each 4th week @ 500IU in order to avoid testicular atrophy.

    Vials of HuCoG Injection contains Human chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) as a white, freeze-dried, sterile and pyrogen-free power.

    There isn't a specific ratio of ml to IU. It depends on how you mix it. It's quite simple. If you dillute 5,000 IUs hCG with 5ml of bacwater, the end result is 1,000 IUs per ml. Divide the same 5,000 IUs with 10 ml and the end result is 500 IUs per ml. Therefore, a large part depends on the concentration of hCG per ampoule or vial.

    Mixing HCG:

    Items needed: bacteriostatic water (not the water/solvent that comes with the kit) and some 5ml empty sterile vials or some syringes/slin pins.
    1) Open hcg/amp with powder
    2) Use a syringe to pull out 1ml of Bac Water and put in amp with hCG
    3) It will instantly dissolve
    4) Take syringe and add the mixed hCG solution to the sterile vial
    5) Swirl gently and you have 5000IU's of hCG
    6) Then draw 0.2ml (1000iu) and inject
    7) put the rest in the refrigerator
    8) Only use as much bac water as you need, too much may have a detrimental effect when the reconstituted hCG is stored.
    9) For multi dose vials of powder (IE 5000iu) simply flip off the lid, draw up 2.5ml of bac water and squirt into the vial, then every 0.5ml or 50 on a 1ml slin pin will be 1000iu.
    2) 1ml is a guideline, you could just as easily add 2ml then adjust 6) accordingly (IE: double, 0.4ml).

    •The reason your discarding the amp of solvent is because its made for a single use.
    •The most common side affect associated with hCG is gynecomastia. The concurrent intake of Nolvadex with hCG prevents gynecomastia, prevents/minimizes leydig cell desensitization and continues the stimulation of pituitary LH once hCG has been discontinued.
    •hCG will last up to 6 weeks if mixed with Bac water instead of the solvent it comes with.
    •You can keep the mixed hCG in vials or syringes in the fridge till use.

    For more information on Post Cycle Therapy please follow this link: http://www.hypermuscles.com/f65/

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    • Oct 4, 2019 (04:53) Which is better for Post Cycle Therapy Clomid or Nolva? From what I read Clomid seems to have more benefits in restoring natural testosterone production.
    • Mar 30, 2015 (18:29) This hucog inj iu5000 is premixed and ready to go? I can store as is in the fridge and use every 4th week? So how long would it keep in fridge, would I be able to use on more than 1 cycle?
    • Jan 29, 2013 (21:07) Yeah bro, you can but HCG must be used during cycle not after!

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