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    Aromaxyl (Exemestane)

    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Substance: Exemestane
    Half Life: 27 Hours
    Pack: 30 tablets (25 mg/tab)

    45.00 USD
    Buy 5+ for 42.75 USD and save 11.25 USD


    If you are predisposed to gyno this is the product which must be taken during cycle, 12.5mg/EOD or even less must be enough.

  • Reviews

    • Oct 4, 2019 (04:51) What do you think is better for PCT Clomid or Nolva? From what I read Clomid seems to have more benefits in restoring natural testosterone production.
    • Jan 13, 2018 (10:10) Aromaxyl (Exemestane) helped my gym buddy during steroid cycle to avoid gyno as he is prone to it.
    • Jul 18, 2014 (19:46) I have been dealing with, no suffering with gynecomastia my whole life. I will be 40 in November, 6'2, 200lbs; more body fat than muscle; gut & "bitch tits" (just learned this term). I stumbled across this site while researching Hugh Jackmans cycle for Wolverine in X-Men and Hayden Christensen cycle for Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Ep. lll. Theses are the looks that I want to achieve. I wanted to start the First Steroid Cycle for ten weeks or the Testoxyl Propionate while taking Aromaxyl or Nolvaxyl, or both. Am I on the right track? Could you also recommend a diet?
    • Mar 24, 2013 (21:18) If you are prone to gyno take 1/2 of the tab per day of aromaxyl.

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