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    Buy Ortrexyl 1000 tabs

    MANUFACTURER: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    GOAL: Strength
    TYPE: Tabs
    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Methyltrienolone
    STRENGTH: 250mcg/tab
    AMOUNT: 1000 tabs

    405.00 USD 450.00 USD
    Buy 2+ for 382.50 USD and save 135.00 USD

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  • Reviews

    • Aug 28, 2018 (08:20) when will you get this back in stock?
    • Jul 9, 2018 (01:31) Tom, after my last experience with kalpa ortrxyl I am ready to buy it in bulk, my gym buddie wants those too.
    • Jan 23, 2018 (08:35) I want this crazy stuff, when will you get more of it?
    • Oct 11, 2017 (07:20) used it for the first time in my life and was amazed at fast stregnth gains. LIV52 after cycle is a must!!!
    • Jun 26, 2015 (06:39) fast, strength and great pumping with this ortrexyl from kalpa, dont exceed dosage Huge Tom recommends.
    • Apr 29, 2015 (09:43) 11 members of the Greek national weightlifting team and 4 Greek track and field athletes tested positive with methyltrienolone prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games according to wiki.
    • Mar 24, 2013 (21:05) I ran Oral Tren 2 times with amazing results. Positive 2 tabs a day is all that is needed 3 at most. I used only 2 a day, 2 weeks at a time. Positive effects- muscle results in less then a week usually you can tell your on it right away, but notice the results in 5 to 6 days. You get leaner fast. good strength gains as well.

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